Good Company Award

Broome Village Hall Honoured

Have you heard the news about the Good Company Campaign for summer 2018?

On behalf of our Village Hall and all those OUTSTANDING GROUPS that use the hall for their various clubs Fred was the proud recipient of a CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY awarded by the GOOD COMPANY CAMPAIGN at Wroxham on Norfolk Day, Friday 27th July. 

Over the years since it was first built our village hall has been part of the village. The hall has always been a hub for village life; getting vegetables and fruit ready for market, for example, to being what it is today ; somewhere for people to meet and take part in many different groups and activities. Not just for Broome residents but for the wider community. 

And yes it does play a big part in combating loneliness although up to now I don’t believe that we have really thought about that side of it. It is not until you sit down and think about what actually goes on at the hall there is something happening there most weeks for almost everyone. Years of coffee mornings and soup lunches have been “on the menu” and clubs as varied as Yoga to photography, bowls and gardening have all brought people together at the hall; such an achievement for all those who volunteer to keep the groups going. 

Speaking of which the village hall management committee are looking for new committee members to help with making sure the hall moves forward with a fresh outlook for the future. You do not have to be a resident of Broome to be on the committee the only thing you need is to want to see the hall continue to be a place where people of every ability and age want to meet and enjoy the company of others. A true place of a means to combat loneliness.